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9 March 2012

Workshop IV Programme: Mediation in Action – Commercial & Corporate

Mediation in Action – Commercial & Corporate
(co-ord. Antonio Nascimben)

Points for discussion:

• Development of commercial mediation in Italy.

  • The 2003 Company conciliation model and new perspectives under decree no. 28/10
  • First statistical data concerning commercial mediation under decree no. 28/10
  • ADR centres and commercial mediators

• “Businessmen too have a soul”:

  • Dominant paradigms and perspectives for a humanistic approach
  • Empowering parties in a commercial dispute

• How to get to table thanks to a contractual clause:

  • The added value of mediation clauses;
  • Examples of clauses and tips for drafting;
  • Multi-tier clauses (mediation & other)
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