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21 March 2012

Mediation procedures: national and Quadra statistics compared – March 2012 UPDATE

The data have been updated following the publication of new national statistics (updated till December 31, 2011) - Link to website of the Ministry of Justice

Points of comparison:

  • Dispute value
  • Mediation categories (i.e. mandatory, voluntary, demanded by court...)
  • Responding party attendance rate
  • Responding party attending with legal counsel
  • Proposer assisted by legal
  • Outcome of mediation when both parties are attending
  • Nature of dispute

Amongst the percentages with wider discrepancy if compared to national data, Quadra highlights:

  • Voluntary mediation procedures: 36% (vs. 20% national avg.)
  • Average value of the dispute: 150,708 euro (93,700 euro vs. national avg.)
  • Responding party attendance rate: 44% (vs. 36% national avg.)
  • Positive outcome of mediation (in terms of settlement agreement) when both parties are attending: 86% (vs. 52% national avg.)
    NOTE: adopting only transformative approach

To view the full statistics, download the attached document (in Italian).

To view statistics as of January 2012, click here

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