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Quadra operates since 2003 as a private provider of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services for management of conflicts and commercial and civil disputes

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Elisabetta Giuseppina Zecca

Elisabetta Giuseppina Zecca

town: Milan, IT

activity: Mediator

can mediate in: Italian

Personal details: born in Milan, in 1963

Education: Graduated summa cum laude from the Faculty of Law at the University of Milan

Current activity:  As a Lawyer, she works in family law. In the context of family conflicts, she has abandoned litigation and dedicates herself to finding agreements through negotiation and Collaborative Practice. She is amongst the founder members of the AIADC, the Italian Association of Collaborative Professionals, and one of the first Lawyers in Italy to put Collaborative Practice to use and explore its operative side in depth, as well as how to apply it to Italian jurisdiction.

ADR training: She is accredited with a Transformative Mediation Certification by the ISCT, Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation.
As a mediator, she is also certified by Jacqueline Morineau, founder of the “Centre de Médiation et de Formation à la Médiation” in Paris and deviser of Humanistic Mediation, part in itself of a transformative approach, and applied within both penal and familiar realms.


ADR current activity: Mediator. She tackles conflict with a transformative approach, and says: “I believe that when it comes to conflicts, everyone is their own predicament’s most knowledgeable expert. As outsiders, all professionals can aim to do is offer their support, with no pretense of being able to fully comprehend the mechanisms of each individual life. In the transformative approach I have found a practice that gives me permission to feel wholly coherent with this ideal, as well as trust in both parties and respect of their free will”.