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Quadra opera desde 2003 como proveedor particular ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) de servicios aptos para la gestión de controversias y conflictos civiles y comerciales

Quadra administra procedimientos de mediación, arbitraje y evaluación neutral,
promueve la difusión de la cultura ADR y realiza formación de alto nivel

Jane Gunn

Jane Gunn

materias: Mediation

CEDR accredited and IMI certified Mediator, FCIArb (mediation), FRSA

Jane Gunn is a highly experienced mediator who specialises in complex and highly emotive cases. She was accredited in 1996 (CEDR), and has recently been made a Mediator Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

A former City Solicitor, Jane is now a full time mediator and is a Lead Faculty on the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Mediator Training Course. She has mediated a wide variety of disputes including, business, partnership, employment, property and construction, personal injury and clinical negligence, trusts and family.

Advanced Training

• Advanced Mediator Training 2003 and 2007
• Creative Problem Solving
• Stakeholder Dialogue
• Non-Defensive Communication
• Non-Violent Communication
• Cognitive Witness Interviewing
• Advanced Communication Skills

Mediation Style

Jane’s approach is facilitative rather than evaluative. She believes in robust reality testing but also that building rapport with the parties and creating a collaborative ethos is the key to effective negotiation and uncovering opportunities for added value.


Jane has been invited to speak at the United Nations, the European Commission and International Energy Agency and fulfilled a number of other international speaking engagements. Addressed the U.S. Department of Commerce and Federal Trade Commission on the role of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the borderless on-line market and made a presentation to President Clinton’s legal team at the White House

"Jane has a charming and fun personality, but also a natural sensitivity and perception to the commercial and emotional needs of others. She is also very relaxed at handling and managing people irrespective of their roles, status, age or nationality. All of this makes it easy for her to overcome the barriers to communication at all levels and to facilitate problem-solving"
Karen Jones - Solicitor, Matthew, Arnold and Baldwin