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Quadra работает с 2003 года как частный ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution - Альтернативное разрешение споров) поставщик услуг по управлению конфликтами и коммерческими и гражданскими спорами

Quadra управляет процедурами посредничества, арбитража и экспертизы, способствует распространению ADR принципов и занимается подготовкой специалистов мирового класса

19 April 2012

Training - The Transformative Approach to Mediation with Joseph Folger - October 2012

Quadra is organizing the first international edition of the course in transformative mediation techniques. The course is a unique opportunity to practice the transformative method under the guidance of Prof. Folger, father of the transformative approach to conflict and professor at Temple University in Philadelphia. The event, organized in four days in which the participants will acquire the skills necessary for the exercise of transformative mediation, is particularly indicated to those mediators who wish to approach them-selves for the first time to this technique.

Participants will gain an understanding of the theory and basic skills necessary for the practice of transformative mediation which includes:

  • Understanding transformative conflict theory and the concepts of empowerment and recognition.
  • An understanding of the relationship between a third party intervener's motivations and the interventions used in practice;
  • The skills to focus on and attend to the moment-by-moment interactions of the participants;
  • The ability to truly facilitate and engage in non-directive interventions which respect the participants' competence and good faith;
  • The capacity to take a responsive rather than directive or evaluative role in intervention.

The course will be held in Milan in October the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th 2012.

For further details, see the details of the course >>> Link

Note: the course will be limited to 20 participants and will be taught in English language. Some exercises may he also be taught in Italian and/or in the participants' own language.