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Quadra работает с 2003 года как частный ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution - Альтернативное разрешение споров) поставщик услуг по управлению конфликтами и коммерческими и гражданскими спорами

Quadra управляет процедурами посредничества, арбитража и экспертизы, способствует распространению ADR принципов и занимается подготовкой специалистов мирового класса

01 Январь 2012 - 31 Декабрь 2015

Quadra Constructions

The Quadra Constructions project aims to encourage recourse to out-of-court mechanisms for handling disputes in the construction field. This is notoriously known as a industry where technical complexity may easily lead to unexpected difficulties and obstacles to a smooth execution of works. On the other hand the parties involved have to face time constraints and the need to avoid lengthy and costly disputes.
Quadra may offer a variety of ADR resources (from arbitration to mediation) in respect of either domestic and international operations.
By making recourse to Quadra ADR Rules one can activate classical arbitral proceedings (that Quadra administers in co-operation with AIA – Italian Association for Arbitration), and also the most advance forms of mediation that give the parties a chance to have their disputes settled in just few weeks.

The project will consist in a series of promotional events that will take place, starting from 2012 with all identifiable sensible subjects.


David Richbell - co-ordinator

Журнал обновлений

15 / 01 / 2012: Programmed for March the 9th, 2012 a workshop coordinated by David Richbell, concerning mediation in the construction sector