Quadra - Alternative Dispute Resolution

My Quadra Корзина

Quadra работает с 2003 года как частный ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution - Альтернативное разрешение споров) поставщик услуг по управлению конфликтами и коммерческими и гражданскими спорами

Quadra управляет процедурами посредничества, арбитража и экспертизы, способствует распространению ADR принципов и занимается подготовкой специалистов мирового класса

Научный комитет

Joseph P. Folger

Доктор Фолгер, профессор коммуникации и организационного развития Университета Темпл в Филадельфии. Один из основателей Института по изучению трансформации конфликтов (ISCT). Он проводит исследования и преподает в области управления конфликтами, медиации, групповых процессов и принятия решений. Доктор Фолгер активно работает в качестве посредника в организационных, общественных и семейных спорах. Он имеет также более чем двадцатилетний опыт работы в качестве консультанта и тренера крупных организаций.

Джейн Ганн

Адвокат и профессиональный посредник, специализирующийся на разрешение споров внутри организацииs.


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Antonio Nascimben

Born on 1965 in Treviso. Graduated in Law at the University of Milan (1997), currently works in the insurance field. Antonio collaborates as a mediator with several mediation centres, both private and public, in various fields concerning civil and commercial matters. His main areas of intervention are teaching techniques of ADR, particularly mediation in its facilitative to transformational approach.

Laura Vittoria De Biasi

Born in Belluno, on 1966. Lawyer since 1993, she is specialising in consulting and judicial and extrajudicial assistance in various areas of civil law, particularly in contracts, commercial, bankruptcy family and juvenile laws. She is interested in ADR instruments and conducts research developing this field.

Fabio Leggi

Born in Piacenza on 1961, graduated in Law at the University of Parma, is a highly esperienced lawyer with Studio in Piacenza and operates in civil and criminal areas. Fabio is 10 years professional mediator and collaborates with several public and private organizations. Currently Director of the Order of Lawyers of Piacenza, is Coordinator of the Mediation center, at the same Order. Trained accredited, cooperates with ADR Quadra in teaching techniques of ADR and assessment of mediators. Speaker at various conferences and seminars on mediation and ADR.

Sabrina Meo

Born in Treviso on 1971, Lawyer. After graduating in law at the University of Bologna in 1997 and enabling the the legal profession in 2002, she opened his own law firm in Treviso and specializes in civil law, particularly family law and condominium law, as well as claims recovery, real rights, inheritance and road accidents. In March 2016 She graduated as a Counsellor in a Family Therapy Center of Treviso. Sabrina is mediator since 2011 and collaborates with various mediation centers.

Alessandro Motta

Born in Bassano del Grappa on 1974, graduated in Economics at the University of Trento, he is currently registered with the Chartered Accountants of Bassano del Grappa and the Auditors Register ; since 2005 cooperates with the Bankruptcy Court of Bassano del Grappa. Mediator since 2011, also carries out training activities.

Massimo Prati

Born on 1970, in Genoa, graduated in Political Science with legal – administration field, at the University of Padua. Senior Advisor for research and selection of qualified personnel, he has developed skills in labor market and organization. Mediator since 2012, he collaborates with QUADRA as a trainer.

Vanessa Spoladore

Born in Torino, on 1971, she graduated in Law at the University of Padua in 1998. Enabled in Court of Cassation advocacy. Founding partner of the law firm Arata & Spoladore, she deals with consulting and judicial and extrajudicial assistance in various areas of civil and commercial law, in particular, She specializes in corporate law, contracts, trademarks and patents, inheritance, planning and construction law. Professional mediator accredited by various organizations, arbitrator, She cooperates with ADR Quadra as a trainer in various mediation courses and seminars. Member of the Executive Council of Laboratorio sulla trasformazione del Conflitto association.

Thomas Woerndle

Born in Vipiteno on 1963, Lawyer. Enabled in Court of Cassation advocacy. Founding partner of the associated law firm Wörndle & Partners, specialised in law of succession, family law, real estate law, employment law, damages recovering. Professional mediator since 2011.

Elisabetta Giuseppina Zecca

Born in Milan in 1963, graduated in law at the University of Milan, she is a Lawyer and specializes in Family Law. In the context of family conflicts, she has abandoned litigation and dedicates herself to finding agreements through negotiation and Collaborative Practice. She is amongst the founders of the AIADC, the Italian Association of Collaborative Professionals, and she is also a member of the IACP, International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. She’s a professional Mediator in civil, commercial and familiar matters.