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Seit 2003 ist Quadra als ein privater Anbieter von ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Services für das Management von Konflikten sowie Zivil- und Handelsstreitigkeiten tätig.

Quadra führt Mediations-, Schieds-, sowie Expertiseverfahren und fördert die Verbreitung der ADR-Grundsätze durch Training auf Weltniveau

regeln der ADR Quadra


These rules apply to ADR procedures administered by Tiaki s.r.l. (Ltd.), meaning all the extra judicial proceedings, however designated, in which the parties in dispute turn to one or more neutral third party(ies) who (i) foster(s) the pursuit of solutions adopted by the opposing parties (e.g. mediation); or (ii) propose(s) to or impose(s) on the parties a decision (e.g. arbitration).

The adoption of an ADR procedure does not preclude either party from initiating a different ADR procedure, even simultaneously.

In administering a given ADR procedure, Quadra shall privilege the respect of the principles of (a) parties' free determination, in observance of the commitments they made; (b) substantial equality of treatment between all parties; (c) maximum possible protection of the confidentiality of any information exchanged; (d) the procedure's transparency and effectiveness; (e) professional evaluation of the neutral third party(ies).

The administration of an ADR procedure is a commercial service provided by Quadra upon payment of set fees. Any fee adjustments shall not affect ongoing procedures.

If one or more party(ies) request(s) it, Quadra promptly takes steps to arrange the most suitable ADR procedure(s), conferring with all parties involved, privately if necessary, and using the proper confidentiality. Quadra ensures that the parties, upon adopting a given ADR procedure, are informed and aware of the legal repercussions of their choice. By providing this information, however, Quadra does not purport to substitute a party's legal counsel.

Quadra will also start ADR procedures previously agreed upon by the parties.

Unless otherwise explicitly agreed, the adoption of these Rules entails acceptance of the Quadra Arbitration Procedure, in the event that it is required by at least one of the party(ies).

Each ADR procedure proceeds in accordance with the terms specified in the effective corresponding rules, unless otherwise agreed upon by all the parties involved, the neutral third party, and Quadra.

Quadra shall not stand liable for the work of the neutral third party(ies) operating within Quadra ADR procedures. However, Quadra ensures that the neutral third party respects the following code of conduct:
The neutral third party shall always operate, and demonstrate to the parties that s/he is operating, from an impartial and independent position that is without bias
Any conflicts of interest, even if merely potential in nature, shall be duly notified to all parties in written form. The neutral third party may proceed with the performance of his/her duty thereafter, only with the written consent of the party possibly affected by the conflict
The neutral third party shall always keep confidential, within the limits of the requirements to fulfill the assignment, any information s/he learns during the course of a Quadra ADR procedure, the existence of the procedure itself and its outcome.

Any communication to Quadra during ADR procedures administered by Quadra, are to be addressed to:

Tiaki s.r.l. - ADR QUADRA Case Management
Via Alzaia 5
fax +39 0422 162 10 25
e-mail: info@adrquadra.com


In contractual relationships, it is advisable to adopt a pre-dispute clause referring to Quadra ADR Rules for any possible dispute arising out of the relationship. The recommended standard clause to be included in agreements is as follows:
"Any dispute arising out of or relating to this agreement [constitution, etc.], shall be finally solved in accordance with the Quadra ADR Rules (www.adrquadra.com) which the parties hereby declare to know and accept."

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