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Quadra operates since 2003 as a private provider of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services for management of conflicts and commercial and civil disputes

Quadra administers mediation, arbitration and expertise procedures,
promotes diffusion of ADR principles and realises world-class training

Carlo Mosca

Carlo Mosca

town: Treviso, IT - Milan, IT

activity: Mediator - Arbitrator - Quadra Training Faculty Member

can mediate in: Italian - English - French - Spanish

Born in Treviso in 1957, studied law in Bologna. Founding partner at Lexmill Law Firm, since 1986  and ADR practitioner since the mid 90s.

Member of the CEDR training faculty (London) from 2000 to 2007. Since 1997, he imported to Italy the firsts courses on mediation techniques, moreover he conceived Curia Mercatorum (Treviso) and supervised its training programs.

Partner of MATA - Mediation Training Alternatives (London), along with his friend David Richbell.

Founder of Quadra in 2003, Carlo has gradually abandoned the original problem-solving approach, embracing instead the transformative one of which he is now a firm believer.

Over the years he has created courses on mediation and arbitration for various organizations (ICC - ADR Center S.p.A., ISDACI, several Chambers of Commerce, Bar associations and accountants, ...).

He is now scientific director of Quadra and various other organizations. During the spring of 2011, he started an ambitious training project aimed at spreading arbitration and transformative mediation in the Italian commercial sector.


Carlo Mosca is the first and only mediator in Italy, and amongst the few in Europe, certified in transformative mediation by the Institute for the Study of Transformative Mediation.


PERSONAL Mediation Cases Log - Updated July 2012 -


- Commercial: 43.83%
- Family (including divisions, inheritance, and various quarrels about relationship): 16.66%
- Investments, insurance, banking: 14.58%
- Neighborhood: 8.33%
- Personal offenses, libel, vehicle accident: 8.33%
- Workplace: 4.16%
- Malpractice: 2.08%

AVERAGE VALUE: € 515.427 // GBP £ 407.805 (1.26 exchange rate) // USD $ 647.768 (0.79 exchange rate)


- Direct referrals
- Through barristers’ chambers
- Milan Chamber of Commerce
- ADR Center Rome Italy
- Quadra, Treviso Italy
- Treviso Bar mediation service

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Personal Website: www.carlomosca.it

-Quadra Faculty Member-