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Quadra operates since 2003 as a private provider of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services for management of conflicts and commercial and civil disputes

Quadra administers mediation, arbitration and expertise procedures,
promotes diffusion of ADR principles and realises world-class training

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58-hr BASIC MEDIATION TRAINING (Summer 2023 online ed.) in English - MST2023-001

07 june - 28 july 2023


58-hr BASIC MEDIATION TRAINING (Summer 2023 online ed.) in English - MST2023-001

ADR QUADRA Basic Mediation Training, totalling 58 hrs, is organised in 3 modules (subdivided in sessions)..
Attendance, and passing the final tests qualifying for IMI Qualified’ mediator - this means that once a participant has completed the training program s/he meets the world-wide standards established by the International Mediation Institute

IT STARTS JUNE 7th, 2023 and runs through July 2023 at the rate of some couple of half-day meetings per week (see details below)

Module I (7 sessions, 28 hours in total) is about “Mediation Practice & Skills” and provides for a reflective introduction to conflict, and conflict management theory and practice (with a focus on the transformative approach, compared to the facilitative Harvard-style one)
o session 1: On Conflict (4 hrs) June 7, 2023 2pm-6pm CET
o session 2: Mediator as a third intervenor (4 hrs) June 9, 2023 2pm-6pm CET
o session 3: Mediation I (4 hrs) June 14, 2023 2pm-6pm CET
o session 4: Mediation II (4 hrs) June 16, 2023 2pm-6pm CET
o session 5: Mediator’s interventions I (4 hrs) June 21, 2023 2pm-6pm CET
o session 6: Mediator’s interventions II (4 hrs) June 22, 2023 2pm-6pm CET
o session 7: Mediator’s interventions III (4 hrs) June 23, 2023 2pm-6pm CET

Module II (2 sessions, 8 hours in total) is about “Mediation History, Approaches, and Regulations”, covering the history of ADR movement, and international and domestic regulations on mediation, with a focus on the jurisdiction/s more of interest for participants.
o session 8: Mediation history, and major traditions and schools (4 hrs) June 28, 2023 2pm-6pm CET
o session 9: Rules and Regulations affecting mediation practice (4 hrs) June 30, 2023 2pm-6pm CET

Module III (5 sessions, 22 hours in total) is devoted to “Knowledge & Performance Assessment” i.e. testing each participant’s skills and awareness, both at the theoretical and practical level, as generated thanks of attending the course.
o session 10: Theoretical tests, and general discussion (4 hrs) July 5, 2023 2pm-6pm CET
o session 11: Critical analysis of an assigned recorded mediation (4 hrs) July 7, 2023 2pm-6pm CET
o session 12: Production of a recorded video showing participant in action as mediator, with written self-evaluation (5 hrs) asysincronous homework)
o session 13: One-to-one discussion session on session 11 (1 hr) to be scheduled - approx. by July 26, 2023
o session 14: Closing session (4 hrs) to be scheduled - July 28, 2023 2pm-6pm CET

This course is advised to...

Whoever wishes to grasp the basics of contemporary mediation, as a tool for managing conflicts - under the preferential perspective of a relational and linguistic non-directive approach - and to commence practicing as a mediator.

Carlo Mosca
Organization details

Attendance online only.

Theory & Practice accurately mixed. Plenty of cases and exercises.

Easy to follow, no boredom, great return.

Pre-booking required. The course is confermined if a decent number of delegates is reached.

Price is in euro (net of VAT, if any).

Max participants: 30