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2016, Nov 25

METAKOINE': Mediation & Communication

On Friday Nov 25th, 2016 an stimulating conference was held in Milan under the auspices of ADR AEQUITAS, one of the leading mediation centers operating in Italy, and PUNTO A CAPO of Savona). ADR QUADRA alo gave its support.

The conference was intended to celebrate the International Year of Global Understanding, and the underlying idea has been to gather expert from various fields and different background in order to confront on approaches to conflict from the  communication angle.

Carlo Mosca was asked to oter a contribution on mediation and its practical applications within regulated frames such as the Italian mandatory system. Actually, in the dialogue he had with Diego Comba of ADR AEQUITAS, the theme has been enlarged to the very nature of mediation as a process supporting communication, and self-determination. In particular, I’ve reported on my personal experience as a transformative intervener, and the pros and cons of liaising mediation to judicial proceedings.

Audio file attached (in Italian)

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