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April 11, 2021

May 27-28 2021 - Advance Mediation 2-day Online Training on Agency and Self Determination

The 2021 edition of the Un. of Florence Advance Conflict Resolution Program is focused on the principle of parties’ self-determination in mediated processes. Self-determination is currently claimed as a foundation premise of any neutral’s intervention; however, it often results overshadowed, in practice, as a result of pre-eminence given to other aims, namely reaching a satisfactory settlement, protecting a weak party, satisfy the success rates within the frame of a dispute management scheme, …
The course has been arranged as a 2-day event, including lectures by eminent scholar and expert in the field coupled with practice and taken-from-life experiences. The aim is to offer delegates a wide survey of the way self-determination is respected or not, and directiveness employed in various conflict arenas.
The course is organized by the University of Florence in co-operation with the ISCT, Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation, the think-tank of transformative mediation, and AMT, the Italian Association of Transformative Mediation.

The course is held in English and Italian with simultaneous translation.

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