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Quadra operates since 2003 as a private provider of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services for management of conflicts and commercial and civil disputes

Quadra administers mediation, arbitration and expertise procedures,
promotes diffusion of ADR principles and realises world-class training

08 june 2016 - 01 january 2020

Quadra - Family Conflicts

Addressing a separation, a divorce, a fight related to relations with your partner , your spouse, grandparents, children, between parents, often results in a stressful and complex event, characterized by a strong conflict, due to personal relations that are affected by the disagreement.

Often the decisions to be taken (such as child custody, property’s division, decisions on the lives of the elderly and people with diminished capacity, or again, patrimonial  conflicts, relations between parents and children) are of significant importance, but you are not able to dialogue with serenity.

Quadra believes that such conflicts can be addressed quickly, without courts and law cost: our mediators supports dialogue, constructive confrontation and decision enhancing autonomy, giving the opportunity to the parties to be heard (and heard), so that any choice will be truly shared and desired.

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