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Quadra operates since 2003 as a private provider of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services for management of conflicts and commercial and civil disputes

Quadra administers mediation, arbitration and expertise procedures,
promotes diffusion of ADR principles and realises world-class training

01 january 2012 - 01 january 2015

Quadra Medical

The Quadra Medical project aims to encourage recourse to transformative mediation in doctor/patient disputes, so that the parties and any inevitably involved subject such as insurance companies, hospitals, public medical service, may find suitable solutions out of any judicial, adversarial context.
Mediation is a mechanism for conflict management where a neutral (the mediator) intervenes in determining a change of negative conflict dynamics, and support the parties in re-gaining control of the situation, and taking responsible choices about it.
Quadra will act as an administrator of said mechanism, by selecting expert neutrals and assessing their skills to handle the conflict according transformative standards.
No legal right is jeopardised, and mediation is a highly confidential process.

The project will consist in a series of promotional events to take place from 2012 onward with any identified sensible subjects. A 180-hour Master training will be realised yearly so to provide a continuing source of highly skilled mediators.


Rossana Novati – co-ordinator
Carlo Mosca
Giancarlo Tamanza
Alessandra De Palma
Tony Allen

update log

15 / 01 / 2012: Programmed for March the 9th, 2012 a workshop coordinated by Rossana Novati, concerning mediation in the medical sector