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Quadra opera desde 2003 como proveedor particular ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) de servicios aptos para la gestión de controversias y conflictos civiles y comerciales

Quadra administra procedimientos de mediación, arbitraje y evaluación neutral,
promueve la difusión de la cultura ADR y realiza formación de alto nivel

9 March 2012

1st Italian Congress on Transformative Mediation organized by Quadra


1st Italian Congress on Transformative Mediation within the frame of Directive no. 2008/52/EC



Blend Tower – 7, piazza IV Novembre
March 9th 2012

Quadra is a private accredited provider of ADR services, including mediation. It supports the transformative model and launched in 2011 special projects aimed to encourage recourse to mediation in civil and commercial disputes. The congress is an opportunity for the entire Italian mediation community to share ideas and experiences, so to enhance practice and align to world-class standards.

The opening lecture is of paramount interest. In 1994 professor Folger and his colleague Baruch Bush shocked the mediation world with their book The Promise of Mediation. Their ideas, further developed in the 2005 second edition have determined a deep review of the Harvard-style facilitative dominant mainstream, based on negotiation and basically aimed to reach interest-matching solutions. The transformative model, instead, assumes conflict to be a crisis of interpersonal relationship, and works on these elementary dynamics.

Both models will be the subject of the Round table, aimed to enlighten how the quality of mediator’s intervention and the techniques he displays, are determined by the model he adheres to.

The afternoon workshops will cover specific areas; they will run in parallel and discussions will be reported to plenary, so to have a comprehensive final view on how transformative mediation may be adopted within the frame of present statutory regulations. Each workshop will be coordinated by an expert of the field, so to create a unique opportunity to discuss relevant major issues, and specific techniques.

Attendance to free opening lecture is subject to timely submission form. Limited seats available.

Attendance to the remaining part of the event (Congress Portfolio, Round Table, one Workshop to be selected among those available, and final session) costs € 200 + VAT (early bird reduction to € 160+VAT in case payment is made before January 31st, 2012). Lunch and refreshments included.

The introductory lecture by prof. Folger and the Round Table will be in English with Italian simultaneous translation.

The workshops will be run in Italian; however, to non-Italian speakers will be offered a translation in English.

The venue of the congress is at a walk distance from the Milan central Station. Those who desire to spend a night in one of the neighbour hotels, please contact Quadra for advise on special rates available.


Please download below the official brochure of the event.

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